Winter Sunset

This photo was taken on the first night I arrived in Switzerland in February. I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I had to take the photo, hand held. It is a panorama. I believe I took 3 photos and stitched them together. It was a beautiful sunset that just seemed to last forever. This view is just behind where I was staying and I had a nice little walk in the evening. It is amazing how different everything looks, covered in snow.

William Kling (my grandson)

Photo (c) William Kling, February 2019.

Strasbourg Cathedral, France

My guest this week is my grandson, William.

He writes:

We travelled overnight by bus from Brussels to Strasbourg, arriving around 4am. We were unable to check into the hotel until 6am., so we decided to walk around.

Walking down the street and seeing the cathedral dominating the sky was quite a spectacular sight.

The contrast between how empty the city was at that time, compared to after 9am was amazing.

If we had arrived later in the day we wouldn’t have been able to imagine the streets so empty.

Photo: Strasbourg Cathedral, France.  (c) William Kling  2018