We, in Adelaide South Australia, are experiencing, what the Weather Bureau calls an Extreme Heat Event – seven days in succession with the temperature 37C and higher, with yesterday (Friday) and today peaking at 40C. So I searched for a beautiful snow scene to help me feel cooler. (Apologies to all you people in the Northern Hemisphere who are probably sick and tired of snow.)

People say to me, Marie, you grew up in Central Australia, you should be used to it.  And it’s true. I grew up in a little place 160 kilometres from Alice Springs, where one summer, I remember, the temperature was over 100F (40C) for 3 weeks straight. Then it dropped to 90F – and that was our cool change. We had no electricity, so no air-conditioning, no fans, restrictions on water – so no cool showers any time you felt like one. We used to go down into the cellar to cool off. The cellar was dark (only one small dusty window),  musty and dusty. If we wanted to read, we had to take a torch.  Then when I was about 10, a generator was installed. Hallelujah! Electricity! The generator was only turned on at night. So now we could turn on our one fan at night. Still no air-con. though.

I am not a fan of Summer. I think my thermostat broke down somewhere back then.

Photo: Trees covered with Snow.  Source: