The Lie that Police Kill Unarmed Black men Frequently and Disproportionately Does not Help Black People… It Hurts Black People.

The Lighter Side of the Heavy Stuff.

Nothing is more effective at controlling a group of people than a campaign of terror. When white LEFTISTS on TV or in your classroom state the LIE that 33% of all police shootings are done to UNARMED BLACK PEOPLE when in fact it was 2%??? Do you know what this does to black people? Terrifies them. I’d be terrified too if the majority group in society told me over and over that the cops were out to kill me because I don’t look like that majority group. Never mind that the chances of this fate for black people is about 1 in 4 million. Don’t believe me? Even the watchdog group, MappingPoliceViolence puts it at 4% and they have exaggerated, check into it. Do you know what it does to the white leftists who TELL this lie? Makes them feel virtuous…. Makes them feel virtuous and gives them TREMENDOUS POWER…

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