On Presidents

The Lighter Side of the Heavy Stuff.

Trump is the worst president ever!  Remember the days of President Obama?  Just look at some of the positive accomplishments of THAT president.  As you are going over them, see if you can think of even a SINGLE positive accomplishment of the current president.  Is there even one that you can think of?

On Racism and Criminal Justice:

– signed the groundbreaking First Step Act, a criminal justice bill which enacted reforms that make our justice system fairer and help former inmates successfully return to society.

– The First Step Act’s reforms addressed inequities in sentencing laws that disproportionately harmed Black Americans and reformed mandatory minimums that created unfair outcomes.

– The First Step Act expanded judicial discretion in sentencing of non-violent crimes.

– Over 90% of those benefitting from the retroactive sentencing reductions in the First Step Act are Black Americans.

– The First Step Act provides rehabilitative programs…

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