Where Did This Notion of DEFUNDING the Police Come From? Lies.

The Lighter Side of the Heavy Stuff.

Ever wonder why people believe things that are utterly false? It LIES deep in the recesses of their minds…. and it was put there.

I’ve been interviewing people about their views on police shooting unarmed black men in America.  One of the questions I always ask is “What percent of the 1,000 police shootings every year are UNARMED black men?”  The answer varies… a LOT.  But most people think it is at least 30% and some upwards of 80%.  Did you know that the ACTUAL answer is about 2%?  And in 2019 it fell BELOW 1%?  THIS represents a HUGE disconnect between reality and people’s perception of reality.  Don’t believe me? Go look it up. In 2019 there were 9 unarmed black men killed by police. If you take 9 out of 1004 police killings that is less than 1%. Even if you were to use the inflated numbers from…

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