Beware the Data of Experts and Scientists.

British scientists were eager to try out their new air pollution monitoring equipment – to their amazement, readings in Newcastle, England, showed that it was the most polluted city in England, if not the world. What could possibly be causing these extraordinarily high results? A strange hitherto undiscovered weather anomaly? A series of gigantic coal plants that had somehow been overlooked?

In time, the true reason was discovered. Technicians had forgotten to double-check where in Newcastle their equipment had been placed – by a junior staffer. It was in a parking lot where dozens of diesel trucks came and went twenty-four hours a day!

Well, it did say, this was a Park!

Peaceful Waterhole, Finke River, Central Australia. (c) Marie Trudinger.

Quotes – The Trouble with…

The trouble with the straight and narrow path – is that it runs through such desolate territory.

The trouble with experience – is that it usually teaches you something you really didn’t want to know.

The trouble with being punctual – is that nobody is there to appreciate it.

Flinders Ranges. South Australia. (c) Marie Trudinger.

Quote of the Week – Perception.

A person whose house is only open on the west, can’t see the sun rise at dawn;

it’s only seen when the sun sets at dusk.

If one tries to compare the colour and appearance of the two,

one will go on arguing forever.

The fault lies not with the vision, but with the closed windows.

If you look out of only one opening till the day you die,

you’ll never see anything new.

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.

Sunset at Somerton Beach S.A. (c) Marie Trudinger.